Founder's Scholarship Fund

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The Founders Scholarship was created in 2010 by fifteen individuals or couples to ensure that all graduating Mackinac Island students have an opportunity for a multi-year scholarship award. At present this award is for $2,000 a year for up to four years of higher education, be it college or a certificate of higher education program in the trades or at a community college.

Students must meet ongoing criteria to ensure continuation of the award. To become a member of the Founders Circle, you may contribute $10,000 or make a 2 - 4 year pledge in that amount. If you would like more information about the Founders Circle please contact the Executive Director.

Current Founders Circle members are:

Penny and John Barr
Cynthia and Dennis Cawthorne
Judith and George Goodman
Mark Goodman
Kathy and Tom Lewand
Jane and Richard Manoogian
Margaret McIntire
Marlee and Dan Musser
Carol and Doug Rearick
Rosalie and William Roush
Grace Stocking
Michelle and Randy Stuck
Anna and Clayton Timmons
Candi and Jim Wynn
Wendy and Mike Young

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