Funds & Special Campaigns

Contributions to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation can be directed into one of our existing funds or, with a minimum contribution of $5,000, can be used to start a new fund. View recent grants awarded.

Special Campaigns

Mackinac College 50-4-50 Campaign

Unrestricted Funds

Goodman Fund

Island Community Needs Fund
(Unrestricted Endowment)

Father Jim Williams Fund for Mackinac Island

Joe B. Sullivan Memorial Fund

Rev. John M. and Florence L. Shufelt Rainy Day Fund

Community Livability

Marlee Brown Community Arts Fund

Robert and Jeannette Doud Fund

Bart Huthwaite Mackinac Island Boating Fund

Music Fund

Dr. Rex and Elizabeth C. Orr Fund for the Care of Animals

Martin Petersen Fund for Historical Writing

Charlie Williams Fund

Dora duPont Williams Fund

Joanne Zwolinski, Alice and Alan Sawyer Friends of Animals Fund

Designated Funds for Mackinac Institutions

Armin William Porter Fund (to support Wawashkamo Golf Club)

Cornerstone Fund (to support the operations of MICF)

Dorothy Dehring Fund (to support Ste. Anne Church)

Lois Griffin Flower Basket Fund

Historic Trinity Episcopal Church Fund

Mackinac Community Equestrian Center

Mackinac Arts Council Fund

Mackinac Island Medical Center Fund

Mackinac Island Public Library Fund

Mackinac Island Recreational Development, Inc. (MIRD) Fund

Mackinac State Historic Parks Fund

Sackfield Library Fund

Ste. Anne Catholic Church Fund

Friends of Ste. Anne Catholic Church Fund

Wawashkamo Preservation Fund

Health and Wellness

Ambulance Fund

Beaumont Fund

Donald and Valeria Bortz Health and Medical Care Fund

Olivia Chambers Fund for Chronic Diseases

Bob Gilmore Hospice Fund

Healthy Youth and Seniors Fund

Mackinac Island Cancer Fund

Mackinac Marine Rescue Fund

Medical and Health Care Fund

Harry Myron Fund

Rehabilitation Fund