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Office Assistant Job Description

Posted June 5th, 2018

Please submit applications by June 22, 2018.

The office assistant is responsible for completing any jobs under the direction of the Executive Director, which will help the Mackinac Island Community Foundation complete their goals for the good of the community. Being in a position at a non-profit organization with ever-expanding goals of bettering the community and the lives of the citizens around you, the possibility for new projects to work on will constantly be evolving and progressing as the community we serve progresses and evolves. Daily tasks include:

  • Basic data entry for Customer Relations Management and accounting software.
  • Filing.
  • Receiving and sending emails for special projects for events.
  • Mailing Annual reports, newsletters and other informative mailings.
  • Answering phone and working with walk-in clients.

The office assistant should be knowledgeable and proficient at:

  • Microsoft Word.

The office assistant should possess these qualities:

  • Organized.
  • Quick learner and able to self-teach.
  • Ability to learn new online platforms for social media, accounting and CRM’s.
  • Flexible with schedule and the range of workload.
  • Friendly and respectful in the workplace and out of work.

As an employee of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation, the office assistant is a representative of the organization, and should conduct themselves appropriately on and off the clock as a small reflection of the foundation. This means being friendly to those you know and to strangers, being open to meeting new people and always striving to make the foundation a more efficient organization for the good of the community and the good of our citizens.

Minimum Education: H.S. Diploma/Equivalent

Job Type: Part-Time (12+ hours a week) year round

Salary: $9 - $12 an hour, depending on experience

Application required. Resume may be sent but not required.

Download an employment application.

Please submit application to:

Stephanie McGreevy
Mackinac Island Community Foundation
P O Box 1589
Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Download this job posting information.

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