Norway Maple Residential Removal Initiative

Download the "Norway Maples and You" brochure (PDF format). 

Download the Norway Maples Removal Initiative letter (PDF format).

Mackinac Cave
The Environmental and Natural Resources Board of Advisors of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation (MICF) has instituted an initiative to assist homeowners in eradicating Norway Maple trees on Mackinac Island.

Why do we need this?

If not stopped now, this invasive and wildly proliferating species of Maple will take over our forests, crowding out native trees and wildflowers. This will affect the natural beauty of the Island. In addition, once they reach a large size, Norway Maples become very unstable in windstorms, fragile and prone to splitting and breaking, potentially causing damage to nearby structures.

What can homeowners do?

  1. Contact the Mackinac Island Community Foundation at or call 906.847.3701 to participate in the initiative and request an on-site visit to identify and mark the Norway Maples. This is best done when the trees are leafed out.
  2. Call a reputable, licensed and insured tree cutter, such as Rickleyʼs Mackinac Axe, to cut the tree(s) and treat the stump(s) with a solution of 40% glyphosate to prevent regrowth (required within 20 minutes of cutting).
  3. If a homeowner wants to have the stump(s) ground, this must be done after one year from the tree-cutting to prevent regrowth. If the stump is in a lawn that is regularly mowed, the stump can be ground immediately.
  4. If the homeowner does not want the residual Norway Maple logs for firewood, logs can be stacked by the tree service in an easily accessible place, to be determined by homeowner, so the logs can be utilized by other community members for firewood.
  5. If the homeowner wishes to have Norway Maple debris (including stumps, logs, branches or chips) removed, the Natural Resources Preservation Fund of MICF has arranged with Mackinac Island Service Company to haul away the Norway Maple debris at no cost to homeowner.

Who pays what?

Homeowner is responsible for paying:

  1. Having the tree(s) cut and treated with 40% glyphosate solution
  2. Grinding the stump(s) if so desired
  3. Chipping of Norway Maple debris and branches, if desired Mackinac Island Community Foundation will arrange for free removal of only Norway Maple debris by Mackinac Island Service Company.

Homeowners must contact MICF prior to the tree cutting and to participate in the initiative.

**To qualify for free hauling away of Norway Maple debris, Norway Maple trees must be removed by following the steps above. Mackinac Island Community Foundation, the tree cutter and Mackinac Island Service Company will coordinate the removal and dray hauling.

Note: The Environmental and Natural Resources Board of Advisors and Mackinac Island Community Foundation are not liable or responsible for any personal or property damage and/or misuse of chemical compounds related to this initiative and shall be held harmless for same.