Thank you, donors!

We greatly appreciate our generous donors. Here is a list of people who donated to MICF in 2017.

Adelman, Ronald and Venessa
Alberty, Kathleen
Allen, Geneva
Allen, Jill and Gayland
Allen, Susan
Allen, William and Jean
Allie, Gary
Amazon Smile
American Endowment Foundation
Anderson, Glenna R.
Anderson, Janis and Thomas
Angner, Victoria and David
Armour, Grace
Axelrod, Drew
Bach, Janice and Gene
Bailey, Brian and Jeri-Lynn
Baker, Marilyn
Ballroom Dance Charleston
Banashak, Harold and Joyce
Barlekamp, Robert
Barnwell Landscaping
Barnwell, Mary Jane
Barnwell, Rebecca
Barnwell, Sam and Lisa
Barrett, Peter
Baske, Roger
Bauers, MIchael and Liliana
Bazinau, Bernadine
Bazineau, Kaitlynn
Bearss, Mark
Beauchamp, Richard and Marie
Becker, Shirleyv Benjamin, Robert and Beverly
Benser, Leslie
Benser, Robert Jr.
Benser, Robert Sr.
Berenguer, Janet
Berke, Larryv Bingham, Richard
Bishop, Judith
Biskner, Lawrence
Blem, Barbara and Roger
Bloswick, Clark S.
Board, Ruth
Bogan, James & Mary Bird
Bolander, Richard and Jackie
Borgerding, Lisa and Pat
Bosman, Gail and Kevin
Bossung, Dorothy
Boudreau, Roy and Susan
Bradley, Jacklin and Dennis
Brandonisio, Joe and Diane
Breck, William
Breckenridge, James and Jennifer
Breuckman, Francis and Christine
Brock, Lisa
Brodeur, Anthony
Brodeur, Leanne and Mark Bunker
Broehl, Margo
Bunker, Elaine and Isaac
Bunker, Trish
Burdek, Nathan
Burrows, George J.
Bynoe, Judith Anne
Caley, William
Callewaert, Mary and Sean O'Dell
Callewaert, Victor
Cameron, John and Ann
Campbell, Anne
Cancer Collection Jars
Capo, Thomas and Marilou
Card, Mary
Carr, Thomas
Carrell, Diane
Cates, Harriet
Cavin, Barbara
Cawthorne, Dennis and Cynthia
Cebelak, Richard and Patricia
Chambers, Brad & Nancy
Champine, Catherine
Charles, Joseph
Chase, Laurie H.
Cheeseman, Gregory and Karen
Chicago Yacht Club
Chippewa Hotel
Cislak, Greg and Cathy
City of Mackinac Island
Clausi, Enrico
Coates, Kelly
Coe, Richard and Debra
Collins, Tom & Geri
Cooper, Heather and William
Cowley, Irene and Gary
Crail, Larry and Deborah
Crane, Ed and Starv Crane, Kimberlyv Crane, Stephanie
Crawford, Marilyn
Croghan, Maeve
Croghan, Melissa
Croghan, Moria
Dehring, Jack
DeLisio, Paul
Demmer, Marguerite
Demouth, Robin and Mary
DePaepe, Paris and Miles
Dietsch, Jeff and Sherrie
Dittrich, Timothy
Donaldson, Tom and Linda
Dorman, Robin D.
Doud, Andrew
Doud, Margaret
Doud, Richard and Mary
Dufina Hayes, Frances
Dufina, Mary
Dumke, Rae
Durovich, Christina and Christopher
Duvall, Dean and Sandra
Dziobak, Lisa and Andy
Eidt, John and Marie
Elem, Michael
Elliott, Joseph, Ellen, Jackson & Melanie
Emery, Warren and McDonald, Phyllis
Emory, William and Jayne
Entwistle, Frederick and Carol
Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan
Erbel, Carole
Ernster, Charlotte
Escamilla Family
Fike, John and Bonita
Finkel, Lee
Finkelstein, Marjie and Stan
Finn, Sarah and Dan
Flanders, Franklin
Fleischman, Martha
Forrest, Jean
Fox, Susan and Kenneth
Foxworthy, Sharon
Francis, Gracie and Don
Frazier, Tony and Tammy
French, Robert and Pam
Friend, James and Sally
Friends of Ste. Anne's
Gadzala, Richard
Gale, B
Galloway, Nancy
Gault, Anne and John
Gidley, Sarah and Mike
Goeckel, Donald and Dianne Weidner
Goehler, Daniel
Goodman, George and Judith
Gosnell, George
Gottwald, Katherine and Joahannes
Griffith, Nicki
Gula, Robert
Guns-n-Hoses Cash
Gustman, Lisa and David
Hales, Paul and Diane
Harper, Stephen & Mary
Harrell, Kay and Harold
Harris, Craig and Meredith
Hart, Cammie
Haveman, James and Barbara
Heath, Carla
Hegarty, Michael and Sharon
Hellmich, Aldred
Hendricks, Don and Karen
Hendrie, Mary Louise and George
Hessler, Gregory and Margo
Hillstrom, Bruce
Holton, Earl and Donnalle
Honhart, Anne and Keith
Hood, Catherine
Hoppenrath, Kay
Horton, Ted and Brenda
Hulett, Marie and John
Hygh, Tim
Irish, David
Iroquois Hotel
Island Bookstore
Island Goats Sailing Society
Jewell, Ruby
Johnson, Jennifer
Johnson, Patricia
Johnson, Sarah
Jonker, Peter and Janine
Kaiser, Mary and Nizam
Karzen, Lloyd
Kauffman, Kathleen
Kearney, Robert
Keeney, Robin and Patrick
Kelley, Frank J.
King, Kirby and Jennifer
Kirk, Katie
Kleber, Charles and Marsha
Klepadlo, Dennis
Koehler, Robert and Frances
Konicki, Linda and Mike
Korenstra, Bruce and Sandra
Kowalski, Roy and Ann
Krenz, Kathleen
Krstolich, Edward
Kuehlenthal, Hans
Kunze, Carol and Jack
Kurek, Jerry
Kurtz, Jacqueline
Kwiat, Larry
LaBorde, Jean and Nancy
Lehrer, Itzchak
Lenfestey, Jim and Susan
Leonard, Arthur
Levy, Daveid and Ann
Lillie, Richard
Linn, Richard
Listecki, Lyn and Robert
Little Stone Church
Little, Jane
LOC Federal Credit Union
Lucas, Nancy
Lundin, Susan
Lyden, Denise and Earl
M.P. Gamble Construction
Mackinac Horsemen's Association
Mackinac Island Cottagers' Association
Mackinac Marine Rescue
Mackinac Marine Supply, Inc.
Mackinac Outfitters
Manoogian Foundation
Marabell, Peter/Barger, Fran
Maronn, Bork
Martin, Sean
Mattox, Don
May, Nancy
Mc Intire, M. A.
McAuliffe, Jerome and Kathy
McCaffrey, Dorothy
McCormick, Dave and Peggy
McGough, James and Barnes, Ellen
McGreevy, Andrew and Stephanie
McIntosh, Terry and George
McKee, Martha
McMahon, Terence
Mehaffey, Stanley
Mellon Financial Corp
Menzies, John
Metcalf, Bruce
Metting, Barbara
Mighty Mac
Miller, Bruce and Sue
Miller, Joe and Glora
Milliken, James
Moskwa, Steve and Patti Ann
Moss, William
Murray Family Foundation
Murray, Jim
Murray, Shaun
Murray, Steve and Anne
Myers, Anneke and Matt
Myron, Alice
Myron, Ann
Nephew Enterprises
Nephew, Frank and Joan
Nephew's of Mackinac
Nicholls, Gerardine
Nold, C
O'Brien, Betsy and William
Ogawa, Andrew and Catherine
O'Keefe, Peggy and Dennis
OLaughlin, Thomas
Olson, Marilyn
Olson, Marta and Peter
Olson, Michael and Lisa
Orr, Debra and Sandra
Ott, Gayle
Ott, Richard and Jane
Padnos, Mitchell
Parrish, Anne Callewaert
Patterson, Bari
Peake, Joanie and Mariah
Petersen, Marian
Peterson, Norman
Petoskey-Harbor Sprints Area CF
Petkus, Tomas
Pfeiffelmann, Edward and Nancy
Pfeiffelmann, Thomas and Linda
Piper, Randolph
Pitsch, Yvonne
Plaza, Samuel
Porter, Nancy
Prendergast, Patricia
Pugh, Brain and Allison
Putnam, Carol
Puttkammer, Charles and Cordelia
Putz, Louis and Marilynn
Quenon, Suzanne
Rabe, Karl
Rado, Kathryn
Rausch & Associates Real Estate
Rearick, Doug and Carol
Reitano, Vincent
Rentrop, Gary and Sue
Riel, Richard and Victoria
Rilenge, Steven and Julie
Riordan, Virginia and Dan
Root, Stacey
Ross, Jill
Rossio, Mary
Salley, Marsha
Schad, Cynthia
Schiller, Steven
Schulte, Michael and Marcy
Schultz, Michael
Schwartz, Mary
Shafer, Robert
Sharer, Diana
Shea, Daniel and Diane
Sheplers, Inc.
Sher, Nathaniel and Lisa
Sherfey, Marilyn and Charles
Shufelt, Brenda
Sickler, Steven
Simmons, Brad
Simpson, Edwina
Slater, Joan
Smereck, Susan
Smith, Molly
Snyder, Karen
Spata, Tony and Loretta
Spitzer, A. Robert
St. Onge Latex and Groove
St. Onge, Anne
St. Onge, Deanna and Glenn
Staats, John
Stein, Frank and Debbie
Stocking, Grace
Stone Skipping Sales
Stone, Catherine
Straus, Christopher
Straus, Lorna & Francis
Stuck, Randy & Michelle
Stuewer, Susan
Suelzer, Brian
Sweet, Kevin R.
Switalski, Barbara
Syme, Randall
Talmage, John
Tassel-Wisner-Bottrall Foundation
Testin, Mary
The Peter C. Cornell Trust
Timmons, Clayton
Tocco, Cynthia
Traxler, Bob and Jeannie
Trayser's Trading Post
Turbin, Edward J.
Turluck, Gail and Daniel
Tweddell, Sue Ellen
Von Meding, William
Wake, Herbert
Walsh, Lauren/ Radecki, Steve
Walters, Pete and Carol
Warp, Harold G.
Weaver, David and Janev
Webb, Mr.and Mrs. Tom
Wedding, Penny
Whitcomb, Larry and Deborah
White, James
Whiting, Robert M.
Wiesen, Ruzica
Wild Women's Weekend
Williams, Justin
Williams, Suzanne
Wohletz, Jennifer and Natalie
Wolfgang, Helen and Richard
Woody, Alexandra
Young, Glen and Jane
Young, James and Margaret
Young, Mike and Wendy
Young, Robin
Zavela, Norman
Zwolinski, Wayne and Joan