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2015 was a productive year for the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). YAC is open to 7-12 grade students from Mackinac Island. They grant youth oriented requests twice a year, volunteer at Meals on Snowmobiles, All-Scholarships Dinner, North Chicago Soup Kitchen and gift giving to our more experienced residents around Christmas time. The activities are guided by Lynda Hepker and Chelsea Berkshire. They are assisted by Alison Sehoyan and Lisa Dziobak.

Grants for 2015 included programming for the Mackinac Island Public School, City of Macki-nac Island Recreation Department and YAC. Total Grants were $10,263. The youth work hard at ensuring that every age group has at least one program or activity that is funded. We hope that what they learn about philanthropy and volunteerism will play a role throughout their lives.

YAC members at the 2015 Community CelebrationMeet the current Youth Advisory Committee:

Ella Cowell
Nick Davis
Brook Dziobak
Gabriel Hepker
Gabe Kromer
Trevor Pereny
Dominic Morse Albert Mosley
Tyler Pereny
Aaron Riggs
Chris Riggs
Ava Sehoyen
Leon Shoygen
Sarah Simpson
Hannah Styburski
Molly Tokarz

Lisa Dziobak
Allison Sehoyen

Each year our YAC has the opportunity to make grants that impact not only youth, but the community as a whole. They have proven themselves very adept at ensuring all age groups receive a portion of the roughly $11,000 they have each year to grant.

YAC 2016

Youth Advisory Committee - 2016