Making a difference in every corner of Mackinac Island.



Field of Interest


Special Project

Donor Advised

Unrestricted Funds

Flexibility in funding a variety of projects.

Barbara and Frank Lewand Fund

Created by Kathy and Tom Lewand in memory of Tom’s parents, the Barbara and Frank Lewand Fund supports conservation and preservation of Mackinac’s unique nature and community.

Charlie Williams Fund

From his post at Grand Hotel, Charlie Williams served the people of Mackinac Island for many years. He touched many lives with his special personality. Friends of Charlie Williams, along with the Mackinac Island Ladies Golf League, created this fund in his honor for recreation activities, especially golf, on the Island.

Father Jim Williams Fund

This Fund was established by the Board of Trustees of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation in honor of Father Jim Williams in recognition of his efforts on behalf of the residents and visitors of Mackinac Island, on the event of the thirtieth anniversary of his ordination and his receipt of the Foundation’s first ever Outstanding Service Award.

Francis H. Straus II Memorial Fund
George and Judith Goodman Fund

“Mackinac Island is very special place. There are many people who live on the Island year round that help to keep the Island running through all the seasons. Our intention for the fund is to assist with any unmet needs for the Island and its residents.” George and Judith Goodman

Island Community Needs Fund

Grants from this fund are varied and include support for programs in areas such as community enrichment, historic preservation, health and wellness, and youth recreation. All undesignated gifts are added to this fund.

Island Essential Needs Fund
Joe B. Sullivan Memorial Fund

The Joe B. Sullivan Memorial Fund meets ongoing or special needs on Mackinac Island. Grants from this unrestricted fund are varied and include support for programs in areas such as community enrichment, historic preservation, health and wellness and youth recreation.

Robert and Jeannette Doud Fund
Support Us Now Fund
Ann and Clayton Timmons Fund

Designated Funds

For a designated Island institution.

Dr. Richard, Jr. and Catharine Ernestine Reeser and Dr. Richard Reeser Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to provide yearly financial support for Mackinac Island’s Health and Wellness medical facility.

Ambulance Endowed Fund

The Ambulance Fund was established in 2005 with funds raised to purchase a new ambulance for the City of Mackinac Island. The excess money raised has been endowed to assist in future expenses associated with Mackinac Island’s ambulance needs.

Ambulance Fund - Expendable

Donations go to the Ambulance-Expendable account. Money raised assists in future expenses associated with Mackinac Island’s ambulance needs.

Armin William Porter Memorial Fund

Established by his family and friends to honor his life. This fund will provide an ongoing source of money to preserve and maintain Historic Wawashkamo Golf Course.

Mackinac Island Cemetery Preservation Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Timmons created the Mackinac Island Cemetery Preservation Fund to support the work of the Mackinac Island Cemetery Board. The projects of the board include repair of the stone walls and repair and replacement of cemetery stones.

Cornerstone Fund

Established in 1999 by the Sage Foundation, the Cornerstone Fund supports the day-to-day operations and administration of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation.

Dorothy Dehring Fund

Mrs. Dehring was a quiet person with a pleasing personality, according to her friends, and she was loved by those who knew her. A portion of this Fund income shall be used to support programming at Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church of Mackinac Island. Dorothy Dehring was a lifetime member of Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church and a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

EUP Can Do It Fund
Friends of Ste. Anne's Fund

Created in the fall of 2014, the Friends of Ste. Anne Catholic Church Fund is being used to help with the repairs and updates for the island’s historic Ste. Anne Church. This fund is un-endowed and separate from the original endowed Ste. Anne Church Fund.

Lois Griffin Flower Basket Fund

The Lois Griffin Flower Basket Fund was created by her family to honor her life and love of Mackinac Island. This fund will support the Island’s Flower Basket Program that places beautiful flowers along our streets every year for residents and visitors alike to enjoy throughout the season.

Mackinac Arts Council Endowment Fund

This fund was created to build an endowment that will support the operations of the Mackinac Arts Council for years to come.

Mackinac Arts Council Expendable Fund
Mackinac Horsemen's Association Fund

With the mandate to promote and preserve the unique equine animal culture and its history on Mackinac Island, Mackinac Horsemen’s Association (MHA) has erected the Mackinac Community Equestrian Center (MCEC) on Mackinac Island for housing horses and providing equestrian education and training. The MHA believes that a key component in preserving the horse culture in the future is to develop an interest and love of horses in young members of our community. The MHA appreciates all donations in support of this project.

Mackinac Island Medical Center Fund

The Mackinac Island Medical Center Fund was established to provide a permanent stream of support for the Medical Center. Income from this designated fund will return to the Medical Center providing an ongoing source of funding for this important institution.

Mackinac Island Public Library Fund

The Mackinac Island Public Library Fund was established by Grand Hotel to provide a permanent stream of support for the library. Income from this designated fund will return to the Library to provide an ongoing source of funding to protect and preserve this important institution.

Mackinac Island Recreational Development Fund, Inc. (M.I.R.D.) Fund

The Mackinac Island Recreational Development (MIRD) Fund was established to provide funding for MIRD’s important recreational activities on Mackinac Island. Grants from the fund will support MIRD’s operations and its programs including the Mackinac Island Ski Club, Great Turtle Park, and the Mackinac Island Horseman’s Association.

Mackinac Marine Rescue Fund

The Mackinac Marine Rescue Team is made up of volunteer personnel serving the Mackinac Island area that specialize in Marine Rescue operations. This fund was established to assist their operations.

Mackinac State Historic Parks Fund

The mission of Mackinac State Historic Parks (MSHP) is to protect, preserve and present Mackinac’s rich historic and natural resources to provide outstanding educational and recreational experiences for the public. Donors to our Community Foundation Fund are making possible a permanent endowment, something that public parks and museums typically do not have within their own structure.

Sackfield Library Fund

This fund was created in honor of Naomi and Norm Sackfield, long-time Grand Hotel employees, to support the operations and collections of the Mackinac Island Public Library. Income from this designated fund will return to the Library to provide an ongoing source of funding to protect and preserve this important institution.

Ste. Anne's Fund

This fund was created in 2006 to provide a perpetual stream of support for Ste. Anne Catholic Church and its various programs. For more information about Ste. Anne Church, please visit

Trinity Episcopal Church Fund

The Trinity Episcopal Church Fund was established to benefit the Trinity Episcopal Church. Income from this designated fund will return to the Church to provide an ongoing source of funding to protect and preserve this historic landmark institution.

Wawashkamo Restoration and Preservation Fund

The Wawashkamo Fund was designated to support the efforts of the Wawashkamo Restoration and Preservation Organization to preserve historic Wawashkamo’s golf links. View the Wawashkamo Golf Club website.

Field of Interest Funds

Support a specific grantmaking focus area.

Alice and Harry Myron Memorial Fund

The Harry Myron Fund was established to honor the kind and generous person who, during his family time on the Island, contributed thoughtful advice and professional expertise to the well-being of the Island community through board activity at both the Mackinac Island Community Foundation and the Beaumont Emergency Room, as well as vestry responsibilities at the Trinity Church. In 2020, Mrs. Alice Myron, Harry’s widow, passed away. Alice was a vested member of the community and served as a member of many Island organizations, including Trinity Church, where she organized weekly meals for summer workers. In honor of Mrs. Myron’s memory, the board added her name to the fund in 2021.

Bart Huthwaite Mackinac Island Boating Fund

Woodbluff resident, Bart Huthwaite loves sailing the Straits and wants to pass that enjoyment on to Island youth through his fund, the Bart Huthwaite Mackinac Island Boating Fund. In cooperation with the Mackinac Island Yacht Club, Bart hopes to start a sailing training program, encourage better boating safety, and promote improved fishing in area waters.

Beaumont Fund

The Board of the Beaumont Fund spends only the income from its endowment on health and medical care on the Island. “We decided to donate a portion of the endowment to the Community Foundation, because their values fit with ours. They will spend only the interest, to support health and medical care on the Island,” said the late Dr. Fran Straus.

Bike Safety Program
Bob Gilmore Hospice Fund

The Bob Gilmore Hospice Fund is the creation of island resident and long time taxi driver, Bob Gilmore. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Bob wanted to establish the fund as his legacy and his way of showing gratitude to his community. The fund supports hospice service on Mackinac Island.

Donald and Valeria Bortz Health and Medical Fund

Frequent visitors to the Island, Donald and Valeria Bortz established this fund in support of a favorite field of interest: promoting healthcare services on Mackinac Island. Bortz Health Care Facilities, Inc. have ten nursing homes throughout Michigan and one in Florida.

Mackinac Island Cancer Fund

Two events have helped to contribute to the cancer fund. The Women’s Wellness and a Wee Bit of Wine Weekend in October celebrates friendships, health, shopping and of course… a little wine. The weekend retreat allows participants to experience the island with likeminded women, discover new friendships and create lasting memories. Speakers and workshops focus on health and wellness. The Women’s Wine Down Dinner in October connects Island women as they “wine down” from a busy season.

Dora DuPont Williams Fund For Music

Dora enjoyed spending much of her Island time working to create a music festival on Mackinac bringing in many groups, including the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. The Dora duPont Williams Fund For Music aims to bring high quality live music to the Mackinac Island Public School and to the Mackinac Island community.

Eileen Erwin Croghan Fund for the Preservation of Natural Spaces

This fund, established in 2008 by Maeve and Nikki Croghan in memory of their mother’s love for Mackinac’s beauty, will be used to promote the preservation of open space on Mackinac Island and education about the unique beauty and character of the island.

Erin Lynne Shufelt Environmental Fund

Projects supported by this fund address environmental matters including land use, clean water and air, waste disposal and preservation. Grants to projects such as Turtle Park’s Nature Trails help ensure that visitors and residents have a safe and thoughtful way to enjoy the beauty of Mackinac Island.

Great Lakes Evironmental Collaborative

This fund makes grants in two areas, the first education about and promotion of conservation easements to preserve scenic shoreline and open spaces. The second being: Community dialogue and planning for smart growth to preserve the economic, cultural, historical, and environmental vitality of the Island.

Health and Medical Care Fund

The Health and Medical Care Fund is used to meet the variety of health and medical needs in the Mackinac Island community.

Healthy Youth and Seniors Fund

Created with a portion of the proceeds from the National Tobacco Settlement, this fund will support initiatives to benefit seniors and youth on Mackinac. The Mackinac Island Community Foundation is one of 66 certified community foundations, covering the state, to receive an allocation through the Council of Michigan Foundations from the State of Michigan’s share of the national tobacco settlement.

Healthy Youth and Seniors Expendable
Island Goats Sailing Society Emergency Services Fund

Members of the Island Goats Sailing Society (IGSS) have raced in twenty-five or more Chicago to Mackinac Island Races and through their many races and visits to the Island they have developed a deep respect for all Mackinac Island has to offer. In the past, IGSS members have generously contributed to the Round Island Lighthouse Restoration, the Mackinac Island Medical Center, and the MICF Ambulance Fund. Now the IGSS members have turned their attention to help fund the training, equipment and other critical needs of emergency services on Mackinac Island. The IGSS appreciates all supporting donations.

Mackinac College Legacy Fund

The Mackinac College (1966-1970) Legacy Fund was created by a member of the Charter Class as a personal testament to this unique and challenging experiment in American education. The accreditation agency called the Independent Mackinac College ‘Liberal Education with a cutting edge’. The spirited and innovative programs developed in concert with every member of the college community fostered an indelible sense of dedication to the college motto : To Learn. To Live. To Lead.

Mackinac Island Housing Corporation
Richard and Jane Manoogian Fund For the Conservation and Preservation of Open Spaces

This fund was established in 2003 by Richard and Jane Manoogian to benefit the people of Mackinac Island through preservation of open space.

Marlee Brown Musser Community Arts Fund
Martin Petersen Historical Writing Fund

Established by Eugene and Marian Petersen in 1998 in memory of Dr. Petersen’s grandfather, Martin Petersen, this fund celebrates the value of the history and archaeology of Mackinac Island and the Straits area. The purpose is to encourage historical writing with special emphasis on the straits region.

Mary R. and Wesley H. Maurer, Jr. Fund

To improve the lives of disadvantaged residents and animals in the Mackinac Island community.

Music Fund

The Music Fund was created by the Mackinac Island Music Festival in 1996 when that group disbanded. Income from this fund will continue to promote cultural programs and facilities on Mackinac Island for generations to come.

Natural Resources and Preservation Fund

Mackinac Island cottager Kitty Hannabass, through a contribution to the Community Foundation, created a special fund in memory of her husband, Hayden, which will provide a never-ending source of funding for projects to preserve Mackinac Island’s natural resources.

Olivia Chambers Fund for Chronic Diseases

This fund, named in honor of Olivia Chambers of Mackinac Island, was established to assist victims of chronic illness. Olivia, daughter of Mark and Jody Chambers, was born January 3, 1997. Since birth, she had suffered a neuromuscular disorder that limited her movement and prevented speech. Olivia passed away on January 10, 2008.

Dr. Rex M. and Elizabeth C. Orr Fund for Animals

The fund, established on the anniversary of Debra and Sandra Orr’s mother’s birthday and in memory of their parents, will promote and provide for preventive medical care of animals on Mackinac Island, including immunizations, for emergency care of lost and stray animals, and for the general health and welfare of animals.

Pompa Fund for the Preservation of Historic Structures

The Pompa Fund for Preservation of Historic Structures was established in recognition of their love of Mackinac Island, its history and architecture, and its unique value in their lives and the lives of all Michigan residents. Grants from the fund will support restoration and long term preservation of historic structures on Mackinac.

Fund for Preservation of Historic Books, Documents and Photographs

Upon the death of Wesley H. Maurer, Sr., the family established a fund within the Mackinac Island Community Foundation to honor his memory. Uses include the purchase of rare books for the library, preserving historic photographs, maps, or books, or providing safe storage facilities.

Preservation of the Horse Tradition on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours is owned and operated by the Chambers family. The company and the family are deeply involved on Mackinac. In 1998, Mackinac Island Carriage Tours began the Fund for the Preservation of Horse Tradition and has continued its support of the fund with annual gifts. Grants from this fund promote the horse culture on Mackinac. Past grants include riding scholarships and instructional clinics.

Rehabilitation Fund

The Rehabilitation Fund was established by Island residents, Doug and Carol Rearick, to assist Island residents and workers in need of rehabilitation for alcohol or drug addiction.

Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Fund

An endowment fund established by Patricia Eckenstahler of the Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society to support the maintenance and preservation of the Round Island Lighthouse and its oil house, privy, and protective water edge riprap.

Rainy Day Expendable Fund
Rev. John M. and Florence L. Shufelt Rainy Day Endowed Fund

For those times when life throws us a curve, the Rainy Day Fund may help. Created with a gift by Jeanie and John Shufelt in 1999, with an endowed version created in 2006, the Rainy Day Fund helps people of the Island face unexpected emergencies, natural disasters and serious illness.

Smiles Fund

This fund provides dental assistance to Mackinac Island youth and assistance for emergency dental services to qualified Island residents.

Jack and Irene Walsh Fund for First Responder Permanent Housing Assistance

Grants from this fund will be used to help create affordable home ownership opportunities for those working as first responders on Mackinac Island.

Wilifred Puttkammer Mackinac Island Conservation Fund

Michael Straus of the Annex started a fund named in honor of his grandfather and long-time Mackinac Island cottager, Wilfred Puttkammer. The fund will support efforts to preserve the natural and historic resources, scenic vistas, and water and shoreline features of the Island.

Youth Fund

This fund was established by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to promote philanthropy and community participation among the youth of Mackinac Island. Our Youth Advisory Committee identifies community needs and contributes toward solutions. They also recommend grant distributions from this fund. Community service is a very important part of the Michigan Community Foundations’ Youth Project because young people are a vital resource to the community. It is a YAC priority and they regularly coordinate service projects.

Joanne Zwolinski, Alice and Alan Sawyer Friends of Animals Fund

The Joanne Zwolinski, Alice and Alan Sawyer Friends of Animals Fund will use its grant distributions to meet two goals. First, the fund shall be used to promote the health and well-being of Island animals. The other intent is to provide education on the proper care and treatment of animals for Island school children and the Island community at large.

Scholarship Funds

Help students with the costs of higher education.

Founder's Scholarship Fund

The Founders Scholarship was created in 2010 by fifteen individuals or couples to ensure that all graduating Mackinac Island students have an opportunity for a multi-year scholarship award. At present this award is for $2,000 a year for up to four years of higher education, be it college or a certificate of higher education program in the trades or at a community college.

Frank Horn Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by friends of Frank Horn to honor his life. This fund is used to assist Island residents who want to further their education.

John F. Franks Scholarship Fund
Stella King Scholarship Fund
Manoogian/Gallagher Scholarship Supplemental Fund

This fund, started in November 2008 by Richard and Jane Manoogian, will be used to supplement the scholarship grants given to Island students. Richard and Jane continue to graciously support higher education for the youth of our island.

Mark Gallagher Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was established in the memory of Mark Gallagher, a young Island resident who dreamed of serving his community as a police officer. The scholarship is awarded each year to a student who wishes to pursue a career in law enforcement, criminal justice, or another type of service to the Mackinac Island community.

Margaret W. and Wesley H. Maurer Scholarship Fund

Donated to the Foundation by the Mackinac Island Board of Education, this is one of the first scholarship funds established for Mackinac Island students. Margaret and Wesley Maurer, Sr. were co-publishers of The Mackinac Island Town Crier and The St. Ignace News and were valued members of the Island community for many years.

Nancy Reeser Scholarship Fund for Women

The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support for Mackinac Island students, with a preference for those who identify as female, to support the cost of post-secondary education or career training in the form of “qualified scholarship” awards.

Special Project Funds

Fundraise for a special project on Mackinac Island.

Heritage Center Fund
Pickleball Courts Building Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Make grant recommendations from your fund.

William and Jean Allen Fund for Disaster Relief Near and Far

This fund was created by William and Jean Beardsley Allen in 2005 to assist in disaster relief experienced by residents of Mackinac Island and abroad.

Anne and Stephen Murray Fund

This unendowed, donor-advised fund, created by Anne and Steve Murray, provides assistance wherever the need is greatest on Mackinac Island.

Benser Family Fund
Emergency Medical Fund

In May 2005, an anonymous donor created the Emergency Medical Fund through the Mackinac Island Community Foundation. The intent of this fund is to provide financial assistance to Mackinac Island residents who experience special or unexpected medical expenses.

Emory Family Fund
Historic Battlefield at Wawashkamo Fund
Jim and Trish Murray Fund
Joan and Frank Nephew Family Fund
Judge Glenn S. Allen Family Fund

This Donor-advised Fund was established by Susan Allen to honor her father, Judge Glenn S. Allen, in recognition of his love of sunsets, tennis, politics, the arts, preservation, church, democracy, and morning newspapers.

Kruse Family Fund
Mackinac Fund

This fund was created in 2001 by an anonymous donor. Grants from this advised, unendowed fund help the Island where there is a great need.

Mackinac Conservancy Fund

The Mackinac Conservancy fund, created in the fall of 2005, affords Island landowners opportunities to protect the scenic, natural and historic value of their property. For example, private land near British Landing has been protected through the use of conservation easements. The Conservancy, a project of Little Traverse Conservancy, also works in cooperation with local and state government to protect important land, scenic features and natural areas on Mackinac Island.

David and Jamie McDonnell Family Fund
Melissa Croghan Women in History Fund

This Fund is established to encourage the study of women in history on Mackinac with a special emphasis on all women of history.

Sandra L. and Debra A. Orr Foundation Fund

Sandra and Debra have a profound love for Mackinac Island and the community therein. They wish to advance, enhance or enlighten any humanitarian, faith, tradition or community effort. They also wish to support economic solutions serving the Island and the greater Mackinac Straits Area.

Wendy L. Young for Mackinac Fund

This donor advised fund was created in 2004 by the Mike and Wendy Young family to benefit the people of Mackinac Island.

Wohletz Family Fund

Mackinac Island has been our family’s happy place for a long time. It’s where we explore nature and celebrate life with family and friends. Grants from our unrestricted fund will help other families create lasting Mackinac memories by enriching the island’s environment, arts, recreation and overall quality of life for visitors and residents alike.